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सावधान: बोर्ड ऑफ हायर सेकेण्डरी एजूकेशन दिल्ली – की वेबसाइट सिर्फ WWW.BHSEBOARDDELHI.NET है. हमारी कोई अन्य वेबसाइट नहीं है. हमारे संस्था के नाम से कुछ वेबसाइट चल रही है जो लोगो को गुमराह कर रही है. कृपया आप से अनुरोध है की, आप किसी के बहकावे में न आए ... धन्यवाद! (सरकारी मान्यता प्राप्त)
( Govt. Recognised )    Approved by NCERT
The Department of school Education & literacy MHRD, Govt. of India is inform that through letter No. - F.No. 2-7/2016-Sch.3 on dated: 23.03.2016 that COBSE is neither a Govt. body nor a suffering to give recognition to any school for educational board/instituted of the country.
Allahabad high court is declared Board of Higher Secondary Delhi is valid and recognized due to case No. WRIT-A- No. 43321of 2016.


Welcome to Board of Higher Secondary Education Delhi

Image1 * Approved by NCERT Letter No. F.10.-258/2015-CAP. Follow the national curriculum framework 2005

* Approved by Gujarat Council of Vocational Training Letter No. GIA/Self/Permisson/2015/9607 ( I.T.I. )

* Eligibility / Affialiation / Equivalency Booklet No. 216 (Revised upto January, 2004)

* Office of the director of school education   literacy meghalay   shilong No. DSEL/ SEC- NG/G/NOC/1/2013/PT/9 DATE Shilong 25 Aug. 2013

Image1 * Uttar pradesh Education board mannual 2004-2005 / uttar pradesh intermediat education Act. 1921

* Council of Boards of School Education in India.
* Ref. no.COBSE /C.99/2013 Date:- February 28 2013
* Ref. no.COBSE /C.99/2013 Date:- January 8 2013

* VO/ NGO : DL/2012/0052522

* Membership no. :- ORG/NGO/NR/279

Board of Higher Secondary Education (BHSE) Delhi is registered by Governments under the Act. 1882. Board of Higher Secondary Education Delhi is an Autonomous Board.

Board of Higher Secondary Education Delhi (BHSE) is a registered by Governments under the Act. 1882. The Activity of the Board is whole in India.
This Board of Secondary Education Delhi is an Autonomies Board. The Board Institution and Indian constitution 29.30. Is granted the certified and education training the education is being given to the students to get the education is the Purpose of the Board to the impress.

-> Govt. of India Education Deptt. Authorised No. F-46-1/68-S.U dt. 28th Feb. 1964
-> Govt. of India, MHRD, Deptt. of Education, Higher Edu.   Sr. Education Copy Right No. 11188
-> Govt. of India, MHRD Deptt. Prospectus Copy Right No. 11189
-> Govt Of Delhi Regd. 3809
-> Govt. of India, Planning Commission DL 2012/005252
-> An ISO 9001 :2008 Certified Board

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